Monday, September 19, 2011

Final Challenge Day - 10 Secrets

1. I love cleaning and organizing my house, but I HATE doing laundry and putting away clothes.

2. I am horribly impatient when it comes to gifts. I use to sneak and wear my Christmas present clothes to school and then put them back before my mom got home.

3. I hate ketchup. It just looks so gross.

4. Sometimes I like driving in silence and just letting my mind wander.

5. I brush it off went my people hurt my feelings, when I shouldn't.

6. I am addicted to The Real Housewives. All of them. It is so trashy, I know.

7. I secretly want another puppy, but can't commit.

8. I really enjoying chilling at the house on a Friday night after a long week of work.

9. When I have kids, I secretly want them to be boys.

10. I may have a small shopping addiction, but I think it is under control. I just like to go and walk around and look at the stuff I "want" to buy, and maybe pick up one thing on sale ;)..."hey, it was on sale!" would be my famous last words.  


  1. Im addicted to all of the Housewives too! Poor Taylor, so sad!
    And I have a little boy, boys are the best! Love your blog, new follower here! :)

  2. Hi. I'm a new follower. I saw you on Happy Hour Projects. I am the Oreo Stuffed Choc Chip cookie under your feature.

    I share #1, 4, 7, 10 in common with you on your list. I already have 2 boys but I've always wanted girls and that's no secret.

    I blogged about Pinterest too, but you did a much better job that I did. Would love it if you follwed back.



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