Saturday, September 17, 2011

Challenge Day 9 - Loves

1. The Hubs and Zoe

camera phone picture, sorry!

2. Family and Friends - Obviously!

3. Fall - I love fall, the leaves changing colors, the dreaded heat finally leaving, breaking out boots, pumpkin spice everything, and football! Whats not to love.

4. Chrismas - I love decorating the house for Christmas. I always do a theme and try to match everything, I am OCD like that. I love buying gifts for the people you care about and watching them open it. It is so much fun! We love having holiday parties, we are already gearing up for this years Tacky Sweater Christmas Party! Get your sweaters ready folks!

5. Cook Outs, or hosting get together's at the house. The hubs and I LOVE entertaining. I love having people over and grilling out or hanging out on our back patio when the weather is nice. I literally get annoyed when people come over and they want to stay in when the weather is amazing outside. Nevertheless, I still love having them over to try out my new recipes on, and hang out in the home I've worked so hard to create.

6. Shoes. I may have more shoes then anyone you know. Last time we moved I got rid of 19 pairs and my closet was still FULL of shoes. We have been in our new home for over a year now and I think I have replaced all 19 of those shoes I got rid of when we moved. I just bought 3 pairs of boots a couple weeks ago! So bad....
7. Candles - I am obsessed with candles. If you come over at 8 am I will still probably have all my candles lit. I just love the ambiance you get from a candle, there is nothing else like it.
8. Vacations - to anywhere. I love to travel and visit new places. I love experiencing new places with people I love and it is always nice to get away and have a nice break from reality.

9. Breakfast for Dinner - The hubs and I love breakfast, its our favorite meal! He loves it when I surprise him with breakfast for dinner.

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