About Me

I am a twenty-something newlywed and first time homeowner, and I love all things design. By day, I am a benefit analyst for a pension administration company, and by night/weekend I am a designista. My husband and I bought our first home as a new construction in June of 2010 and I believe I have spent any extra money I have on decorating and creating spaces I love. I enjoy creating spaces that are inviting, and warm. I love to cook and experiment with new projects and recipes all the time. If we are invited to a get together, you can put money on it that I will try a new recipe out and aim to please.

My husband, who I refer to as hubs throughout the blog, is amazing. He is very supportive of me and all my crazy ideas, and if I'm lucky I can get him to lend a hand every now and then. But trust me, we work on home projects better alone. We would be that couple on renovations realities (DIY Network) ready to pull each others hair out. But, I love him just the same! We have the most adorable pup, named Zoe. She is 5 years old and what I like to call a miniature chocolate lab. I love our little family, our extended family and all of our friends. I hope to be creating awesome spaces and projects for many years to come!

Precious Zoe

An engagement picture

On our honeymoon!

Thanks for reading about me and my blog! I love followers and comments! Thanks for all the support and I hope you come back for more fun readings!