Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dreamy Beach House Design

With Labor Day weekend and a trip to my family's house in Hilton Head Island, SC fast approaching, I decided to share with you my dream beach house inspirations, featured on my dream beach house board on pinterest. I absolutely adore my parents house in Hilton Head and hope that one day my little family will be fortunate enough to have our own beach house, until then I will have these lingering dreams of designing my very own beach house. Hey, maybe one day my parents will let me take over their home with my crazy decorating ideas...a girl can dream can't she....

My ideal beach house will be light, airy, lots of windows, cool summer colors, decorated with coral, driftwood, very organic beachy (that's a thing, right?). I found these colors and I thought they would be perfect for my dream beach house.

There is something everything I love about this house! I love that it appears to be on a marshy area instead of toes in the sand. The house in Hilton Head, is not directly on the beach, but there is a marsh behind it that opens up into the ocean. There is such great wild life that lives back there and relaxing on the porch with that view is so calming. It doesn't have to be toes in the sand close to be my dream beach house. This house is to die for, from the roof top deck, to the light house style porch. Who would not want this as their dream beach house?! Again..still dreaming...ahhh

Check out this oh so dreamy Master Bedroom! I love the oars on the wall and it looks like a old wooden canoe on the ceiling. I love the blue colors of the fabric and the bright windows. Who needs paint on the walls and tons of artwork with a view like that!

Lets keep the oar theme going in our dream guest room! How adorable, and who could forget our room for our future dream kids....Adore these two rooms...

Every home needs a living area. I feel in love with these two. Which one is your favorite? I just can't decide. 

I had to share this image with you, check out this AMAZING staircase. I love that the stair rails are made out of rope and anchors. How nautical and cute is that? This is a must in my dream beach house. 

No beach house is complete without lanterns, and lots of them. I have so much love for lanterns. There is such an abundance of design choices out there and they look great in every space. Can we please have something like this at our dream beach house?

Has my dream beach house inspirations made your heart flutter like mine?! Wouldn't it be nice if we were all so lucky as to enjoy something this beautiful. I may not be in my very own dream beach house this weekend, but I am lucky enough to enjoy my parents dream beach house! So cheers to that and cheers to your labor day weekend! Enjoy it!

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. I'm with you. There's something fantastic about a beach house. I just need to convince my husband:) I'm a new follower from Gluesticks today:)

  2. Great Blog! I love apothacary jars and recipies :o) I'll be back to visit! Have a wonderful weekend! hugs, Jennifer

  3. Oh what a wonderful beach house. Love it all. I featured your blog on my post today, so I hope you will stop by and graby my I've Been Featured Button. Hugs, Marty

  4. Kelli, even if you never get a beach house, those colors and the ideas you love can still be done at home, especially if you have a pool!

  5. I love the detail on these beach houses! They reminds me of my aunt's beach house where we had a great stay last summer. It was such a lovely, airy house, with lots of room for the children to play. And I'm very excited to visit her again this summer! =)


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