Monday, September 12, 2011

Challenge Day 3 & 4 - 3 Films, 4 Books.

Well, got a little busy and already got a day behind in this challenge. Oh well, today I'll share my 3 films and 4 books!

1. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo, is and will always be one of my favorite movies of all time. Yes, it may be a kids movie, but I can never get sick of it. It is just so cute and funny. I love the whole message of the movie. It is just a feel good movie, and the hubs can tell you that every time I am home sick I will watch Finding Nemo. I hope my future kids like it as much as I do.

2. Home Alone

Okay, you can not get through a Christmas season with me without watching Home Alone. This is my all time favorite Christmas movie. I can already picture us now, sitting in front of the tree, fire place going, drinking some sort of warm beverage, laughing and watching Home Alone. Love it, ya filthy animals!

3. Devil Wears Prada

It's hard to describe exactly why this is one of my favorites, but it is. I love the whole movie, the clothes, the storey line, the actors. I love that she started out seeming so wrong for the job and that all tasks seemed impossible but she proved herself, her coworkers, and her boss wrong, but in the end remained true to herself. The book is also super good. This movie made me an Anne Hathaway fan, love it.  

4 Books

1. The Five People You Meet in Heaven
2. A Clockwork Orange
3. Where The Sidewalk Ends
4. The Help (Just finished and so good)

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