Thursday, November 10, 2011

Master Bedroom Mood Board

Now that the craft cave is well under way (you can read about that here), it is time to start focusing on our Master Bedroom! The poor Master has been so neglected, but I am so ready to create an oasis for the hubs and I, a room that we want to enjoy and want to fall asleep in every night. I have also developed a problem of keeping it as clean as the rest of my house, but I have convinced myself it is because it is not as pretty as the rest of my house, so I have no attachment to it. There is only one remedy for that...make it as pretty as the rest of my house. duh!

So here is a mood board I created for our Master Bedroom. It is full of the inspiration that I need to create this space!

The bedding is from Pottery Barn. 
I will need 2 lamps, this lamp is from Kirkland's. 
The media chest is from American Signature Furniture, I love the legs on it! 
I want to create my own headboard, like the one pictured. 
I also plan on framing out our TV just like the one pictured, how pretty! 
A Master would not be complete with a sunburst mirror to go above the bed. 
I will make my own Mr and Mrs pillows, using my new cricut and fabric we bought in Virginia (here)
I found this char online, but thought it was so pretty, with the curled back and clean lines. We def. want a chair in our space.
The paint color is Behr Rhino Paint, pretty grayish blue color.
I love curtains, very light and earthy! Must have beautiful curtains. We currently have black out, black curtains, and they are hideous! I need some light in my life!

Can't wait to get the room started and all the projects that will go along with it! Thanks for reading! :) 

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  1. oooh nice. I can't wait to see the transformation.