Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Map of Our Love

I found this on Pinterest and fell in LOVE with it. I knew that I wanted to create something similar for our home. When I began planning our Gallery Wall, I knew that this would be the perfect place to add the Map of Our Love. Here is the picture that inspired the creation of ours: 


I found this frame at Goodwill, and paid $1.51 for it. You should have seen the ugly 80's green matte, man was it bad. But I knew the shape was perfect and at $1.51, it was steal! I then bought white poster board (.69 cents) to create a new matte and a map of Georgia from the gas station right next to my house ($4.95, who knew they were so expensive!)

I used the back of the picture frame to trace it on the white poster board to make the matte. I then cut a small square out of the poster board, and folded it in half. I made half a heart and cut it out, so when I opened it, it was a perfectly symmetrical heart that I could use as my template. I used my heart template and traced it over the three areas in Georgia. I used where we met, Valdosta, where we live, Canton, and where we were married, Sautee. 

I broke out the glue stick, and glued my hearts onto the matte. And voila, my very own Map of Our Love artwork for the low price of 7 bucks! I absolutely LOVE it!

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Such a cute idea. I love it. Yours looks fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love the map idea! I was thinking of doing one for us soon. Yours turned out fab! Im going to share it on my facebook site! :)

  3. This looks great! I love the gallery wall!

  4. I made my own version this past week too! Don't you just love how personal it is? Great job!

  5. Looks even more awesome on your AMAZING DIY gallery wall! :)