Friday, October 7, 2011

Upcoming Projects & Adventures

As I have mentioned, the past few months have been crazy full of traveling! We have been gone the last 4 out of 6 weeks, and we haven't slept in our own bed for 2 consecutive weekend nights in about 8 weeks! As much fun as we have been having, I am ready to settle down and get back to enjoying our home.

We bought our home as a new construction in June of 2010, so we don't have any major renovations to do, just transforming it into our home. When we moved in, we sold almost all of our furniture and decor, kind of backwards right?! But most of what we had was stuff acquired in college and we were ready for a fresh start. Good bye college pictures, and plastic furniture...hello real world! So, I just wanted to share with you my plans for some upcoming projects..a little sneak peek, if you will.

My craft room plans! The hubs and I have had a roommate for about the last 2 1/2 years and he recently moved out as of September the 1st. I am so excited to have our home back to just us, I went out and bought over 60 dollars in pjs and nighties..that's how excited! I am even more excited that I now have an empty room to work with! YAY! I plan on turning his old room into my new craft room! We have a 4 bedroom house, so we have our room, the guest room, the hubs has a man cave, and now I will have my very own craft room! I do plan on putting a pull out love seat in my room, so that we will now have 3 rooms with enough sleeping for 2 people per room! I found the perfect couch at IKEA, so next - next weekend I will go down there and pick it up and start painting the craft room! Can't wait to share it with you.

Master Bedroom. This is a must. I have put so much effort into my downstairs living space, that our master has gone to the wayside. I plan on painting, making a headboard, and acquiring new bedding and a new dresser, new curtains, pretty much the whole nine yards. I plan on using grays and yellows as my color theme. This will probably be an extended work in progress but I hope to have it done in about 6 months. So that, the our master bedroom can be what it was always meant to be, a retreat.

My Gallery Wall. I have seen these all over the blogosphere and we have a nice long EMPTY wall that leads back to our 3 extra bedrooms. I am currently collecting photo frames, and once I have acquired them all, I plan on spray painting them all an earthy green color. I have so much cute stuff to frame, and can't wait to get this project complete. It will definitely add some life to the boring hallway.

Laundry Room Closet. I plan on taking down our gross wire rack and installing a few cabinets. I'd like to paint and stencil the area. I have been dying to do a stencil, but am worried it just won't work right, so I would like to start on a smaller space like our laundry area. I just want to organize and make it pretty!

Just a little summary of some of the projects twirling around in my head, there are plenty more, trust me! Now, I am off to enjoy my trip to Virgina. It will be 4 fun filled days of football, hanging with the boys, and even a little antique shopping. Somehow, I managed to get the boys to agree to antique shopping! I'm such a lucky lady! I will be sure to share our trip with you!

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. ohhh I cant wait to see everything! I just bought 8 empty frames from garage sales this weekend.. and im in the process of spray painting them regal blue. :) good luck with it all!


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