Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Fall

Fall is finally in the air, well it has been making its way there the last couple of weeks. I absolutely LOVE everything there is about fall, the crisp fresh air, pumpkin spice everything, lower utility bills! What is there not to love. The hubs and I have been pretty MIA, sorry about that. We were in Blacksburg, VA visiting a close friend for about 4 days and I came home to a computer that was on the fritz..

This weekend was the first weekend in 8 weeks that the hubs and I were able to sleep in our bed for the entire weekend, it was such a sweet relief. It was also the first weekend we could really get back on our house duties. We did a lot of chores on Saturday. Ran errands, and gave the house a nice scrub down all the way to the base boards. Sunday, was the day that I had planned to craft, but after being hunched over for a few hours cleaning base boards and the floors, I could barely move come Sunday. So we spent most of Sunday relaxing and taking our sweet baby Zoe to the park, it was a "treat yo self day" for her on Sunday.

Here is some Fall decor that I managed to get done this weekend...

These mums were $2.98 a put at Wal-Mart, each pot has 2 mums in it! 

My Fall Welcome Wreath. I bought this wreath for $4.99 at Old Time Pottery a year ago, but there was some whimpy little daisies sporadically placed on the wreath so I jazzed it up with these left over flowers! It looks so much better!

 Our front door!

Did I mention that the hubs came home on Friday night and surprised with an all dressed up date night, he wore his suit and I got dressy, and these BEAUTIFUL AMAZING sunflowers! I love them! I wish they would last forever

Zoe taking a breather from chasing the ball like a mad dog at the park! She's too cute! 

Thanks for reading! :) I promise to get back on my game now that our traveling for 2011 is coming to an end! I can't wait to share some of our pictures from Virgina!

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