Thursday, October 6, 2011

Grilled Rosemary Veggies

This amazing fall weather goes perfectly with hanging out on the porch by the fire and grilling, and that is just what we did this weekend. Friday night, we had our best couple friends come over for a night of grilling, chilling by the fire, and wine drinking. It was also the first night we broke out a ton of our new wedding gifts! It was AWESOME! I LOVED getting to use our pretty new things!

The hubs picked up a big London broil on his way home from work, and I wanted to make our famous grilled rosemary veggies. These veggies are amazing!

· Fresh Rosemary
· Zucchini
· Squash
· Onions
· Portobello Mushrooms
· EVO  
To serve the 4 of us, I used 2 zucchini, 2 1/2 squash, 1 onion, and a box of Portobello mushrooms. I also used about a handful of fresh chopped rosemary and drizzled olive oil and salt and pepper over the top and tossed the veggies.

I like to use the aluminum pans because it just makes it too easy to grill and so easy to clean up. They turned out amazing; I think my favorite in the mixture is the mushrooms, and the flavor that the rosemary infuses! So delicious!

Luckily, we had just enough left over for in the morning. The hubs and I had to wake up 7 am on a Saturday (YUCK!) to take the car to the shop. When we got home I made us a breakfast for champions. We used the left over veggies and cooked it with eggs, and added the leftover steak. I also made us some hash browns. It was so yummy! Even if you have veggies left over they go great with breakfast the next day!

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Yum! I love grilled veggies, I will have to try this out! And I'm with you veggies the next day for breakfast are awesome :)

  2. They sound delish!! So glad fall is here!
    Thanks for linking up to Show & Share!!


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