Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcoming Wreaths

I came across this idea on, none other than Pintrest.  Here is a link to the blog where I got my inspiration Teach.Craft.Love. I fell in love with her adorable wreaths, and it just so happened I had a sad, undecorated wreath in my garage begging to be given new life. I also decided that these were just too cute and would be an awesome housewarming gift! One of my best friends just moved closer to us, and I knew she would love one, so I decided I would make one for her and one for us! Below is a picture of the materials that I used!

You will need:
  • wreath ( I paid $3.99 for each one at Old Time Pottery)
  • Spray paint - white (3.00 or less)
  • Numbers (.99 cents each at Michaels)
  • Fake flowers and/or ribbon
  • Floral wire
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
I arranged the flowers and used floral wire to secure them in place. I spray painted the numbers white and let them dry. Once they were dry and the flowers were in place, I hot glued the numbers on and wah la! The floral wire is great to use because this will allow you to change out the floral and decorations to match the season. Check out my creations!!

I had a hard time picking the flowers for this project because summer is almost over and fall will be here before we know it. I decided to try to do something that I felt was transitional, and could last into the fall. I can't wait til Xmas comes around and I can replace the floral with poinsettias and berries! I may even spray paint the numbers silver!

On another note, this weekend my husband took me to Lowes to pick up some new power tools for my hutch remodel. I got an awesome palm sander and spend most of the day Sunday in the heat, and the garage sanding my hutch down, it is now ready for priming. Below is a before picture...coming soon I will feature the finished product!!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. I, too, am embarking on my first "remodel journey'....I just bought all the stuff to strip an old glass coffee table, and I plan to paint, and distress. I can't wait to see the "AFTER" pics of this hutch! Good luck, and cheers :O)

  2. Super cute idea~ would love if you came over and shared this at Feathered Nest Friday at my blog sometime! :)


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