Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Apothecary Love

I had to write a little special post about my love obsession with apothecary jars! I think they are amazing decorative pieces and can be used in so many ways to bring something different to any space or room. If it were up to me and my husband would let me, I'd have them in every room! But luckily he can show a little more restraint than me. I love all the different shapes,sizes, colors that these jars come in, and the endless possibility of fillers. Here's a few of the jars that I have used in my house to bring a little extra "something" to some of my favorite spaces in our house.

Below are some pictures of the apothecary jars that I have showcased in my kitchen. I have a lot of counter space, but I have a weird annoyance of seeing a counter top full of appliances. The only appliance I leave out on my counters is an electric wine opener (because it's pretty and well we love wine). I like my counter tops to be clean and hold a few key decorative elements, nothing overwhelming! In my apothecary jars in my kitchen, I wanted to use fillers that belonged in a kitchen. I used Lima beans, multicolor spiral pasta, and dog treats. My precious pup Zoe knows exactly where they are now, and will go and jump by that area of the counter until she gets one.


Love them, but I'm not done yet! I have a really tall decorative apothecary jar on my "bar" shelf/wall. I found these adorable balls at Old Time Pottery and thought that they totally matched my space and they fit the jar perfectly! I have my bar area decorated with my ikea wine racks, my recipe binder, and our beautiful decanter that was a wedding gift. I love the way the decanter looks with the apothecary jar. Check it out....


I recently finished my hutch remodel (read about here) and it was not going to be complete until I had added an apothecary jar. A while back I saw a big round jar, and I was determined to find one. I knew Michael's sold the exact one I wanted, but it was $30! No way!! Well I searched and just couldn't find the one that Michael's had to offer, I was about to give in and spend way more on it then I should, when a 40% off a regular price item coupon for Michael's miraculously arrived in my mailbox! SCORE! I headed the next day to pick up my jar. Now to decide what to fill it with, tiny acorns, pine cones, wine corks?! hmm...while trying to decide I stumbled upon these awesome mini moss balls! My entire downstairs is very organic feeling, this was perfect! I copped a few bags of those mini moss balls and my apothecary jar and headed home a happy camper.

Now, these are not apothecary jars but they are close. I got a beautiful glass cake stand and top and a trifle bowl as a wedding gift. And, although they are beautiful and I LOVE them to pieces, they are not the easiest items to store and they don't exactly get used everyday. I am not a big fan of people putting stuff on top of their fridges or maybe I am (because I love what we did), maybe I am just not a fan of junk up there. Anyways check out what we did to display these beautiful pieces as well as save ourselves a little storage room.

I filled the trifle bowl with some fake pears, and I scored the bird cage at an antique show, I absolutely adore the bird cage!

Cheers to falling in love over apothecary jars! Thanks for reading! :)


  1. You have a fantastic collection of apothecary jars and you use them so beautifully in your decor. I love your vignettes. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  2. You never can have to many apothecary jars. Thank you for sharing yours, They are just lovely. Enjoy the day! Bobbie

  3. Thanks for joining and sharing with my newbie party. Please add my link as well. I love your jars~ So cute and the fact we can change them up per season really makes they a great decorating accessory.


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