Thursday, August 4, 2011

Create My Own Craft Room

I am currently longing for organization, a home for all my crafts, a place that is cozy, that I can call my "blogging home". My poor scrapbook materials hate me for being tossed in the garage in boxes and all of my gift wrapping materials and tools are spread throughout my house in different closets! How awesome would it be to have a craft room to call my own! A home for all my craft belongings, that is organized and clean and allows my imagination to run wild!!

Here's how I envision my craft room. Open, airy and bright! I love the pairing of green and yellow tones, they were our wedding colors and there is just something so fresh and light about those colors together. I envision plenty of shelving and storage for all my materials, a beautiful desk, graphic rug, and a cozy chair. Check out my mood board.

One. Martha Stewart Paint in Artichoke Heart
Two. White Desk
Three. Tan wing back chair
Four. White shelves with plenty of storage
Five. a DIY chalkboard with a white frame
Six. Graphic curtains (found these on
Seven. Flower hangers (Pier 1, $7.95)
Eight. Owl light fixture. (Anthropolgie $24.00)
Nine. White bookshelf
Ten. Graphic yellow rug
Eleven. Olive You Pillow, special meaning between my husband and I (also on
Twelve. Owl Door Stop (Pier 1 $19.95) I am obsessed with this and need it somewhere in my home
Here are some of my other inspirational craft rooms, and craft room ideas.

I love the table, and the wall paper. The colors of this room and materials seem so light, and of course I adore the color green!

Love the words! My husband thinks that I am addicted to them, and I probably am. They are just so cute no matter where you put them. I also love the bookshelf with the baskets!

All I have to say is, crafter's heaven!

I want this! So organized, ahh I can't wait to have mine all organized!

Finally! A solution to all my gift wrapping materials!

Hopefully one day soon I will be working on setting up my own craft room. When that day comes, I will share my journey with you and all my design ideas and dilemmas! I can not wait! Until then, thanks for reading!! 


  1. I love love love that owl switch plate cover! I want a craft room too!! lol

  2. I loved the yellow rug...Do you know where can I get something similar for a good price?


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