Friday, March 9, 2012

Update on Craft Room

Well, I'd like to say my craft room is about 80% complete. We have painted and decorated, but I am still longing for a small TV and a little sitting area...but those things take money and we are working on not doing too many unnecessary spending right maybe one day soon..

Anyways here's a little to catch you up to date...
The craft room was originally the room we let one of our friends stay in for a couple of years while he was finishing up college and once he was moved out I was ready to transform it, so I really had a blank slate to work from, besides the fact that painting it was a must...
Here is a little before...

Pretty boring... The red desk is originally from Ikea, and I have had it for stay on a small budget I knew getting a new desk was not really in the cards, so I decided to keep this funky little red one and make it work.

We added some paint, but together them shelves, hung up curtains and some is a little more presentable now...

view from the door way

 the red desk

Crafting bookcase holds fabric, magazines, my sewing machine, the bottom shelf is where I keep my cricut (not sure why it wasn't here when the picture was taken), the signed plate from my bridal shower, and displays the picture the hubs grandmother painted for us as a wedding gift. I got the 2 bookcases from Target, they were $19 a piece.

Ikea shelf I bought at a garage sale, I actually bought 2, but one was missing some of the party. It was still a good deal because this one was still in the box and had never been opened, it was brand new! I have glass apothecary's that I used at our reception that now hold my paint brushes and glue gun, and another one hols some of my ribbon.

I love these scissors I got them on clearance at Target, that door leads to the closet that is overflowing with more craft supplies...

View from my desk...that LARGE TV on the floor is the hubs, he is saying he will get it fixed one day..but hopefully one day that will be my sitting area and there will be a nice mini flat screen on the wall for my enjoyment :)

Love my keep calm and blog print that I framed...

Close up of the picture from the hubs grandmother, it is so pretty!

It's not totally there, but it definitely a thousand times better than it was before!

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Looking good! The plate and the painting are wonderful treasures! I like the color and shape of the desk, too.

  2. Looking good so far! Like the way you placed your desk by the window, but facing the door... Thinking I need to move mine now!

  3. I really love your lamp and the step shelving:) Can't wait to see what else you do to it! I wanted to let you know that I tagged you in one of my post and you should come and check it out:)