Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Duke Basketball Gallery Wall

Well in case you haven't heard my husband is a DIE HARD Duke basketball fan! I seriously don't think he has missed watching a game in over 3 or 4 years, he is that intense. But it is fun to watch them with him, especially when they are winning, and it has transformed me into a Duke fan. I mean seriously how could all of Coach K's and Dukes accomplishments not be inspiring?!
If you don't know basketball or watch it, then you wouldn't know that Duke lost the ACC tournament this weekend and it was a little bit of a blow. So in order to lift the hubs spirits on this big loss and in order to send some good Duke joujou out there, I created a Duke Basketball gallery wall for the hubs man room. This is his room and I normally do not involve myself in decorating it, because he says this is the one space that he has control over...and he's right...but he was obviously all in with this idea.

I found images online and printed them, and then we went to the dollar store and bought almost 20 frames, but since they were all a $1 whats the big deal right?! So this project cost us about 20 bucks and a little bit of time.

Here are some pictures of how it turned out....

 This is my favorite sign!! Duke fans are known as the Cameron crazies so I absolutely loved this and we made this the center of the gallery wall.

I bought this stoplight a couple years ago for Christmas, it is really cool!

It was so easy and cheap and you really could do it with any team. So here's an idea for your man if he is a die hard sports fan and has his own little man cave!

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Even though I don't like Duke lol...I love that Keep Calm and Go Crazie poster. :) Megan