Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dresser Upgrade - A Touch of Teal

A while back I shared this dresser that I picked up off of Craigslist for a cool $25 bucks, well after begging and pleading my husband to go get it after work one day it finally made its way to our garage... where it sat and sat and waited to be brought back to life. Here is what it looked like when I picked it up.

It had great bones, but as you could tell it was not in the best of shape. But I loved the feet and I loved the curves of the piece. I hated the chipped gold and the color, I even hated the pulls, and it had definitely become a drawing board for a kid or two in its lifetime.

So while the hubs was away at a bachelor party this weekend I enlisted the help of my mom, to help give me some motivation to get it would think the fact that the hubs and I were dresser-less would motivate me more..but sadly it did not. So my mom gave me a quick kick in the rear and said lets just get it done...and so we did...

We went to home depot and picked out a paint color, there is a bit of teal in our new duvet set so I thought it would be fun to go that route. We picked out Pacific Teal by Behr.

It's fabulous!
We got home and went to work. I worked on sanding down the dresser, while she took off the pulls and sanded down the drawers.
After the sanding was complete, we went ahead and primed the entire dresser and let it dry for a couple hours. In the meantime we did some shopping, took the pups to the park and on a walk and picked up some frozen yogurt and just had a fun girls day! After all that we came home around 5 pm and painted the first coat! Then I had collapsed before 7 pm, all that pollen in the air and sanding really got to a benadryll was calling my name.

The next morning my mom came over bright and early and we painted the second coat. With the 2 of us painting it did not take more than 30 minutes it was awesome, so much easier than when I did the hutch myself, read about that here.

We went and bought some groceries and went into Ross where I found some cute, owl paintings to hang in our room..yes I have the owl craze, see. But the colors were just too perfect I couldn't pass them up.

After killing a few hours, we came home to dry paint. My mom is so smart, she talked to me into keeping the original pulls, and she was right! They are perfect for the piece. We did not have to do anything to them but just clean them up a bit. So we reassembled the dresser just in time for the hubs arrival to move that bad boy upstairs!

Here's a closer look at the piece, before and after!

Hard to believe these are the same pulls and there has not been anything done to change them?!

I love the little claw foot on it, so pretty!!

Here is the duvet, that I bough a couple months back as a jumping off point for the room! You can see the blues in it! They match perfect, I cant wait to get the bedroom painted and have it all put together!

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. LOVE the makeover... funny I used to have this same style of furniture in my room back in my "tween" years in the late 70's... I think that may be when it was heading out of style too! My mom still had this furniture when my daughter was born and I used it in her room until she hit middle school... now I'm wishing we hadn't given it away when she wanted something different!

    I love the color and I cannot believe that the pulls are the same! I really thought you had painted them... they look completely different against that gorgeous color!


  2. This is definitely an improvement:) Right now, I'm in love with teal, so I really like the color of the dresser! Great job with refinishing:)

  3. Beautiful, love the owl art work too!

  4. I love it! Love the color you chose! :) It will be perfect with that duvet!!!

  5. So pretty - love the color, the curves and the hardware! And how nice to have a painting buddy!

  6. Very nice. Saw you over at French Country Cottage. Love the color!

  7. Awesome! Looks just like mine! Love it!
    I would love if you came by my Creative Inspirations linky party to link it up - the party is happening NOW! I would love to have you there!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  8. Beautiful job! What a gorgeous color. Love your duvet too!

  9. Hi Kelli - just gorgeous! I've literally just finished an almost identical piece for my daughter. pop back to my blog in a few days for the reveal.ours was mustard before. revolting.
    Love this one of yours
    cheers Fiona

  10. Hi Kelli, this looks amazing, I love the colour! The handles contrast nicely. Tash

  11. That color is so gorgeous!! I love a good Craigslist deal. :) Megan

  12. Great colour choice, i love how bright and fun it is! You did an amazing job :)

  13. Awesome color! I love the curves of french provincial furniture! They are great pieces to redo- I hate the gold lines and original colors on them too!

  14. Love it! It came out gorgeous!! Thanks for linking up at FNF! :)

  15. wow.. Love the color! Thanks for linking up at friday fun party.. :)

  16. Absolutely beautiful! I'm such a fan of turquoise lately. It's hard to believe those are the same pulls. They look much prettier in their new setting. :)

    (Hopped over this way from Tuesday Time Out. :)

  17. I love question did you sand after the second coat to smooth the brush strokes?
    I think I have the same exact dresser and I silver leafed it :)

  18. Love the color and that you kept the original hardware!

    I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award, for more information see my blog post!

  19. I just wanted to let you know I am linking this makeover in an upcoming post about my dresser makeover! - I credited your photo obviously :]

  20. This is such a lovely post! And I absolutely LOVE that teal color. Great choice! I did my first thrift store makeover recently and had loads of fun. :) Here it is: