Monday, March 12, 2012

Fabric Wall Art

I hope that everyone had a nice weekend! The hubs and I had a pretty laid back weekend, a little bit sad that Duke lost the ACC tournament, but we made up for it by making a Duke gallery wall for the hubs man room! I will share that this week! On another note, I finally did something with this huge blank wall that was driving me crazy!!

The stairs leading up to the second floor are open on one side with beautiful iron and wood railing, and the other side is just a huge blank wall! I didn't want to do a gallery wall because I had already done one in a hallway on the second floor, see that here, and we were putting one in the man room.  I knew I wanted something semi flat because I did not want it to get it the way of people walking up and down the stairs...a few months back I pinned this.... and thought it would be a good compromise. It is fabric wrapped foam board...

Well I had contemplated getting canvas and painting it with a stencil or wrapped with fabric, but I just hadn't found a fabric that I was in love with until Saturday...

Isn't that fabric AMAZING!!! and what it is even more amazing is that I paid $3.96 a yard. I bought 2 yards and that was plenty. I even have some left over for another project! Yay!

I bought 3 pieces of foam board from the Dollar Tree for $1 a piece and I already had spray adhesive to attach my fabric to the board. I bought Scotch picture mounts for $3.29. So I got three beautiful pieces of artwork for less than $15!!! AMAZING!!

Here is how they turned cool right?!

Here is my boring stairwell before

and after....


  1. Really like the fabric you chose!!! Looks much brighter and happier now! :)