Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Truly Southern Experience - Plantation Wedding

This weekend my husband and I traveled down to Moultrie, GA to help celebrate one of his best friend's wedding. The event was held at Gin Creek. It was a beautiful outdoor plantation wedding facility. The wedding party took over the entire property, and took advantage of it too! There were separate cottages for the groomsmen, bridesmaids, family and friends of the bride and groom. They were adorable little cottages, with country flair.

 The mother of the bride was an event planner, and the grandmother a florist, so naturally they are DIY experts! When we arrived Friday afternoon, the mother of the bride was coring out apples to use in the centerpieces for the reception, I knew that this event would be full of wedding inspiration!

The rehearsal dinner was Friday evening, and we were blessed with an afternoon thunderstorm that cooled everything down. The rehearsal dinner was a fish fry, and it was amazing! They did all the flowers and centerpieces themselves. They also brought in a canoe filled with ice and beer! It was so cute, and the perfect way to serve alcohol at an outdoor fish fry!

Saturday morning, we woke up to rain, and lots of it! It seemed never ending! The bride’s aunt hosted a surprise bridal luncheon and the father of the groom hosted a cookout for the groomsmen. The luncheon was cute, outdoors under a tent, with centerpieces made up of blue and green hydrangeas and white roses. The bride was showered with gifts to take on their honeymoon, beach towels, kozzies, bags, sunscreen, even a few pieces of lingerie. It appeared to be a great start to her wedding day, minus the rain! I wish that I had taken picture of the luncheon, but I forgot my camera! Sorry!!

The rain finally let up around 4:30. My husband and the rest of the bridal party went and took their pictures, and then ushered all the guests down the aisle. The bride arrived in a horse drawn carriage, and walked down the aisle in the most stunning dress! They were married in a gazebo that sat above where the guests were sitting, so everyone had a good view. There was even a microphone so you could hear everything they were saying (definitely something we missed at our wedding).

The reception was indoor/outdoor. Food, cake, and tables were indoors and the bar, DJ, and dancing was outside. Below are some of my pictures of the special touches I loved. (Click to see the pictures larger)

The Canoe! Full of beer and ice and decorated with red hankerchiefs on the seats. 

Centerpieces for the rehersal dinner, the fish fry. Patron shaped vases and daiseys sitting on the same red hankerchief with candles.

No outdoor Georgia wedding is complete without fans! These were passed out to guests as they entered the ceremony. Perfect to keep you cool, and a great keepsake.

The gazebo where the bride and groom were married .

The groom's cake was amazing! My picture does not do it justice! The couple was a big fan of the "Lost" TV series. The cake showcases so many of the main elements of the show! You may have to be a lost fanatic to understand it, but luckly I am! Awesome cake!

The movie poster! So adorable!! The couple is also a big fan of the show "How I Met Your Mother". Awesome show, check it out! The movie poster was so adorable and the guests were asked to leave a message for the bride and groom!

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