Sunday, February 26, 2012

Getting Back On The Wagon

Happy Sunday everyone!! I must admit I feel terribly guilty for abandoning my blog for a month! But sometimes, life gets in the way. But my sweet hubby reminded me how much he enjoyed my blog and how much everyone else does and that really gave me the extra encouragement I needed to get back to it! I have some awesome new projects that I can not wait to share with everyone...

But here's a little bit of what I have been up to..

We recently expanded our family by adopting an adorable, wild, crazy beagle puppy. His name is Zoubek (the hubs named him after a Duke basketball player, and I agreed because I thought Zoe and Zoubek sounded cute together) and he is a 7 month old beagle, and is absolutely adorable...

He is a BIG handful but now that he has started to adapt and learn the ways of our household I will feel more comfortable spending more time with my lovely readers and with The Inspired Collection...

My husband and I went to our first Duke game together, and they pulled out a WIN! Which was amazing, it was such a blessing to be able to experience that together. 

We have celebrated a few birthdays, and the hubs is turning the BIG 3-0 on Friday and I have a few surprises in store for him!

Special thanks to all of my followers, friends and family for all of your positive comments and for encouraging me to get back in the swing of things! For awhile after being so busy at work and sitting at a computer all day I was having trouble trying to find my inspiration to come home and sit at the computer more...but now I realize that my inspiration is my readers, and this is my release!! So THANK YOU everyone...

Stay tuned I have some very AMAZING projects this week! 

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. SO excited for you to come back!! The pup is adorable!!

  2. What a cute little face! Enjoy your lives together! Glad to have you back!